Surfing the Markets: Quit Your Job, Free Your Time, and Profit Stress-Free

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Are you looking to create more time and less stress without being tethered to an hourly wage, and need a proven example you can follow that takes you through everything step by step?

Are you less interested in getting rich from the stock market and more interested in learning how to use it to pay the bills each month?

If answered yes to both of those questions, well... I write you a book.

Part trading system, part personal finance, part applied philosophy, Surfing the Markets is a step by step guide to achieving financial independence and living a full life while you do it.

I take you through my entire system, how it works, it works, but most importantly of all: why YOU are the only one that can keep it from working. To surf the markets you need to train your emotions as well as your brain. The more you lighten up and detach, the more you can profit.

It's honestly that simple. I'll show you how I do it.

As I write this I am on a plane en route to a small surfing village in Ecuador to close on a land deal and, for the first time in my life, I have no job but enough income to pay all my expenses. Not just this month—.

How could this possibly have happened?

I want to give you the simplest and clearest explanation of the blueprint I used to create income, build wealth, and live life like a surfer—with nonchalance, balance, and fun.

I am a surfer, though this book is not about surfing. It’s a book about money, and how to use it to create freedom and options for yourself. I realized that the way I live and think about money aligns nicely to a kind of ‘surfer ethos,’ and thought it would be better to lay out my blueprint in those terms.


I've broken things down into key sections:

Chapter 1: Wanting To Surf - Get your mind right

Chapter 2: Getting Fit - Personal finance fundamentals

Chapter 3: Surfing For Life - Investing vs. trading


Chapter 4: Getting the Gear - Tools & habits

Chapter 5: Learning To Surf - Study the concepts

Chapter 6: Paddling Out - Practice with real money


Chapter 7: Your First Wipeout - Learn how to lose

Chapter 8: Surfing Bigger Waves - Sizing, sectors, & speed

Chapter 9: My Surfing Secrets - Edges & hedges


Final Thoughts

Recommended Reading

Unlike most guides it doesn’t rely on hot stock picks, day trading antics, high-risk options, or ideas of “beating the market,” but instead emphasizes emotional control and an appreciation for the unpredictability of the markets to find individual equity “waves” to “surf.”

Page 24... I lay out my personal finance strategy for all to see

Page 31... I break down all of my personal account percentages—what's invested where

Page 37... I share with you the specific tools I use to trade and invest every day, including recommended companies and software

Page 40... I describe in detail my daily routine, step by step, which you can use as your template

Page 45... I give you the key to every successful trader's career

Page 54... I start taking you through every step of how I trade and why

Page 79... I finally talk about the important paradox no one else wants to talk about

Page 85... I show you how much to trade, and why, along with all of my risk management tricks

Page 90... I reveal my trading secrets that have kept me afloat and can give you an edge

Page 93... I break down the math of how to use the markets to cover your monthly expenses and set yourself free

It’s the guide I wish I had, and I wrote it for people who want the courage and mindset to make the market work for them without stress and panic.

If that sounds like you, then join me.

Who I Am

I’ve lived in New York City for the past 15 years working professionally in the world of tech, digital marketing, advertising, social media, and web design. My last gig was Group Strategy Director at Critical Mass, working on the BMW of North America and MINI USA accounts.

Outside of work:

- I’ve been investing and trading since 2005

- I started my first business in 2007 and sold it in 2011

- I bought my first Bitcoin in 2013 and Ethereum in 2016

- I launched my own brand at the beginning of 2020 right at the onset of a global pandemic

- I quit my job later that year to become a full time investor and entrepreneur

- I quickly hopped a flight to Ecuador to finish up a land deal I set into motion back in 2012, surfing and talking stocks in my downtime with my friend—a surfboard shaper and investor who lived in town

Needless to say, it’s been a wild ride.

Along the way I became fascinated with money, business, and investing, not just as a capitalist but as a student of human nature, which helped me in my career as a marketing strategist.

Once I learned to trade and invest like a surfer everything changed, and I think more people can make more money if they started doing the same.

I want this!

You'll get the full ebook upon release in PDF and EPUB formats, plus lifetime access to all future updates (including an audiobook version which will be part of a more expensive bundle but a free bonus for you!)


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Surfing the Markets: Quit Your Job, Free Your Time, and Profit Stress-Free

2 ratings
I want this!